Ensure Your Business is Safe and Code-Compliant

Install photoluminescent lighting systems in your Texarkana, AR business

Part of running a business is ensuring your customers and employees are safe in the event of an emergency. Superior Group installs photoluminescent lighting systems in Texarkana, AR that can make sure your stairwells stay safely lit during electrical failures, fires and other emergencies.

Even in the event of a power outage, this path marking system will remain illuminated to guide everyone to safety. We work with Ecoglo to ensure you get a stairwell lighting system that is long-lasting. Schedule an appointment with our team today to install photoluminescent pathway markers in your building.

Where should you install pathway markers?

If the power goes out, you want everyone in the building to know the quickest exit route. So, your lighting systems should be installed:

  • In stairwells
  • Along walkways
  • Around exit signs

Make your stairwells code-compliant and safe in case of electrical failure or fire mishaps. Contact us today to install photoluminescent walkway and stairwell lighting. 870-330-0713