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Install More Efficient Lighting at Your Texarkana, AR Business

Hire Superior Group for lighting retrofit installation and bulb replacement

Want an eco-friendly, cost-affordable means of lighting your business? Call Superior Group to get lighting retrofits for your building. We'll replace components in your building's current electrical system with ones that are more energy efficient, especially if you still use T8 fluorescent lighting. Once we schedule a visit to your facility, we'll:

  • Inspect your lighting
  • Count your lights
  • Draft a proposal to show you the savings and incentives you'll receive from your energy company
  • Install or replace your old lighting with LED lighting

If you want new fixtures installed at your building, we can do that, too. We'll check back in a few years to make sure your system's saving you the money the way we told you it would.

Fill out the contact form to learn more about our commercial lighting retrofit services in Texarkana, AR. OR call us at 870-330-0713.

We provide a five-year warranty on our work

If anything goes wrong with your system after the Superior Group team has installed or replaced your lighting, call us immediately. We'll fix whatever issues you're having to make sure you get the most out of your electrical service.

Call today to schedule your commercial lighting retrofit or bulb replacement in Texarkana, AR. 870-330-0713