electrical panel upgrades texarkana ar

Where Can You Get Reliable Electrical Repairs in Texarkana, AR?

Right here at Superior Group!

Superior Group has provided Texarkana residents with exceptional electrical repairs for over 20 years. We've even assisted well-established businesses, like Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby, with their electrical needs. Call us when your:

  • Outlets aren't working
  • Electrical panels need replacing or upgrading
  • Water heater needs repair
  • Ceiling fan needs rewiring

Our team will resolve your electrical issues quickly and efficiently. We can even install a ceiling fan for you. Just let us know what you need done, and we'll do it!

Call 870-330-0713 today for dependable electrical repairs at your Texarkana, AR home or business.

We also work with realtors

If your home fails to pass inspection due to faulty wiring or outdated electrical panels, call Superior Group to fix those bothersome electrical issues. We'll take care of any rewiring that needs to be done so you can put your house back on the market.

Trust us with your electrical repairs in Texarkana, AR.